Letter: More differences than meet the eye

To the editor:

I agree with the Review it is very different having all six of the same gender as candidates for the three offices. However, there is a very wide difference in the leadership style of the six.I was so happy when Nora Slawik choose to be a candidate for Mayor. She has a wide experience negotiating  in a bi-partisan manner and is respected by both parties.

I recall my surprise about a year ago seeing Diana Longrie was suing our city for some residents who felt they paid too much for their street. As I recall they found the City could have charged them more according to a daily newspaper account.

I was very happy to see Kathy Juenenmann  do so well in the Primary for she has really done a great job through all our changes and we need her experience there. I would really like to see Marylee Abrams replace Rebecca Cave. I feel her experience in her many community activities makes her an ideal addition to our City Council.

Welcome back to Melinda Coleman, who will be coming home to the job she had done so well for 7 years. She was one of the many good employees who choose to make a move in the mid-2000s. I feel we have really moved ahead these past 4 years.

So please study your candidates and get out and vote, a 9 percent turn out for voting in the Primary is a very sad showing! 

Christeen M Stone


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