Concordia Academy drama department in the spotlight

Again this year, Concordia Academy’s drama department was recognized by the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Musical Theatre program.

The goal of the spotlight program is to honor and support local high school theatre programs and productions. Three local artist-evaluators attend each accepted school’s production and offer their feedback.

For the second straight year CA received the Outstanding Dance award, thanks to the gifts of choreographer and teacher Ms. Megan Obermueller. A record 12 actors were recognized for their individual performances, including seniors Kyleen Russell and Cory Kroonblawd who received Outstanding awards as Belle and the Beast.

Junior Joshua Kiyee (Outstanding as Lumiere), sophomore Sophia Smith (Outstanding as Chip), and senior Jamie Linert (Honorable mention as Madame) took their talents to the Orpheum theatre in Minneapolis on June 3, where they performed onstage with honorees from all around the state at the annual Spotlight Showcase.

Full Award List:
Outstanding Achievement in Dance
Honorable Mention Overall Performance
Honorable Mention Performance by a Chorus

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role:
Kyleen Russell as Belle
Cory Kroonblawd as the Beast

Outstanding Performance in Supporting Role:
Joshua Kiyee as Lumiere
Ryan Odeen as Gaston
Derek Murray as Lefou
Sophia Smith as Chip
Chris Hickey as Cogsworth

Honorable Mention Performance in a Supporting Role:
Jessica Arend as Mrs. Potts
Luke Arend as Maurice
April Bonsell as Babette
Jamie Linert as Madame de la Grand Bouche
Peter Stover as D’Arque

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