Methamphetamine dealer sentenced to 8 years in prison

Washington County District Judge Ellen Maas sentenced Oakdale resident Danielle Brand, 26, to 84 months in prison after she was convicted of felony first-degree controlled substance possession after a traffic stop in which a substantial amount of methamphetamine was discovered in her vehicle.

In May 2012, Woodbury police stopped Brand after she committed several traffic violations. She gave conflicting information about the car and its ownership, and a Washington County K-9 unit detected controlled substances in the car.

Police then executed a search warrant and found nearly a pound of methamphetamine in the vehicle. Brand had previously been convicted of fifth-degree marijuana possession.

County attorney Pete Orput issued a statement on the sentencing, congratulating the investigating organizations.

“My office is committed to prosecute drug dealers as vigorously as the law will allow. We feel we have accomplished that task here, and wish to send that message to other drug dealing scofflaws.”

—Johanna Holub

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