Letter: Support for organized trash collection

To the editor:

As someone, who over the past five years, has been involved in and studied the pros and cons of Roseville moving to organized trash collection I have the following reflections:

•  There appears to be more emotion to the subject than knowledge.

• The majority who appear to be opposed express lots of feelings about losing our freedoms and big government taking over our lives.

• Many of our citizens have not studied the issue.

I am pleased that City leaders over the years have limited our freedoms by making sure that we:
   • Keep our properties looking decent.
   • Obey traffic laws.
   • Respect each other.
   • Etc.

I recently spoke to an official at Maplewood who explained that:
   • Their citizens have saved over 1.5 million since they went to “Organized Trash Collection.”
    • The average cost per household has gone down 50 percent.
    • The cost for a 65 gallon can is $11.98 per month.

A recent small informal survey in the area of Western and Dale North of C indicated that the average cost was about $25 per month. In addition to cost there are a lot of other matters such as cutting down on the number of trucks going by our residences, environmental concerns, noise etc. Lets all get behind supporting our City Council to implement Organized Trash Collection as unanimously recommended by our Public Works, Environment and Transportation Commission after much study and strongly supported by the League of Women Voters.

Roger Toogood


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