New recycling carts to be delivered in Roseville

Roseville residents will be receiving new, wheeled recycling carts within the next couple of weeks. The 64-gallon single sort recycling carts will be delivered during the weeks of Feb. 3 and Feb. 10. Starting Feb. 17, Eureka will begin its single sort-recycling program in the city.

From that date forward, residents will need to place all recycled items in the new carts and wheel them to the curbside for pickup.

Eureka has updated their fleet of trucks to accommodate single sort recycling in the city. The trucks have been outfitted with mechanical arms to pick up the carts to empty them. For that reason, residents will no longer be able to place the old bins at the curb on recycling days, said Ryan Johnson, environmental specialist for the city of Roseville. The old bins are recyclable themselves and Johnson encourages people to continue using them inside their homes.   

The kinds of materials that can be recycled will also be expanded when the new program begins next month. Roseville residents will be able to recycle most food and beverage containers. Items not recycled before, such as pizza boxes, yogurt, cottage cheese and deli-style to-go containers will be accepted. Black plastic items and plastic bags will not be recycled, because they cannot be read by machines using optical sorting.

Due to the increased capacity of the new bins, recycling will be picked up biweekly, instead of every week. Eureka will provide pickup information with the new carts. The city’s website will also be updated by Feb. 14 with the recycling schedule and other information about the new recycling program. Recycling information can be found at or by calling 651-222-7678.

— Joshua Nielsen


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