Letter: Minnesota’s transportation problem

To the editor:

Minnesota has a transportation problem. The cost of maintaining the current system is increasing faster than available funding, making it difficult for Minnesotans to get to their destination. That’s why I recently participated in the Transportation Day at the Capitol, to show legislators there’s broad support for improving Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure through a more comprehensive and sustainable funding package.

Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure belongs to all of us, and it impacts each of us in unique ways. How we get around affects our wallets, our health and the ability to do our jobs or run our businesses effectively. By 2030, Minnesota is expected to add more than 350,000 new jobs and the population is expected to grow by nearly 1 million people. The increase in demand will only exacerbate the shortcomings of our current system. In order to safely and effectively move people, goods and services around our state, we must act now for the multi-modal transportation needs of today and the future. We need to improve highways and roads, replace deficient bridges, build regional transit systems, and expand access to safe and convenient bicycling and walking options.

The legislature must address Minnesota’s urgent transportation needs this session. Our current transportation system limits our state’s economic potential and we can no longer afford to delay. Contact your legislators and urge them to make transportation a priority in 2014.

Gail Jacobson

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