Complaint: West St. Paul man threatens another driver with BB gun

Joshua T. Tipcke

A West St. Paul man has been charged for allegedly pointing a BB gun at another driver in an incident of road rage April 1.

Joshua T. Tipcke, 27, is facing felony charges, according to the criminal complaint filed Tuesday, April 8, in Dakota County District Court.

Tipcke reportedly drove his car abruptly in front of another vehicle near the intersection of 35E and Cliff Road in Eagan the night of April 1. The driver of the vehicle that was cut off then honked and pointed his finger in a "scolding manner," the complaint says.

Tipcke then allegedly waved a gun and pointed it at the man, while driving westbound on Cliff Road.

The man then backed off, called 911 and followed Tipcke to an apartment complex in Eagan, according to the complaint.

A woman who lived at that apartment called police about an hour after the road rage incident was reported, saying Tipcke, with a gun in his waistband, pushed her against a wall and entered her home. He said the police were looking for him, she reported.

"(The woman) reported being afraid of (Tipcke)," the complaint says.

Police were able to call Tipcke while he was in the apartment, and convinced him to surrender to police.

During negotiations, Tipcke admitted to "driving the suspect vehicle" and "brandishing a BB gun," the complaint says.

Police reportedly found the carbon dioxide-powered BB pistol and a large black jacket in the washing machine at the woman's apartment.

Tipcke's now facing charges for fifth-degree assault and terroristic threats.

In 2012, Tipcke was convicted of two domestic violence-related misdemeanors.

-- Kaitlyn Roby


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