How much is that doggy tied to a tree in West St. Paul?

Fire officials show that a cup of water poured on a small grease fire causes the fire to greatly intensify. The Dakota County Fire Chiefs Association unveiled its new kitchen fire prevention trailer at a demonstration May 5 outside Eagan City Hall. The $30,000 trailer, which was donated by Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery in Rosemount, will allow Dakota County fire officials to educate the public on how to prevent kitchen fires, the number one type of fire in the U.S. (Submitted photo)

‘Free,’ says the sign around its neck

South-West Review police reports May 11, 2014

Inver Grove Heights

— Was the room number intentional? Officers responded to a local hotel late April 18 regarding a report of juveniles drinking and the smell of marijuana coming from room 420. An officer went to the rear exit, opened the door, and saw three men walking quickly. Two men stopped when instructed. One of them, a South St. Paul man, fled. When arrested, he refused to offer his identity, which officers discovered when they found a social security card in his wallet. The man continued to be uncooperative, even when he got to the jail, where he claimed to have needles, drugs and a gun on him.

— A 34-year-old Inver Grove Heights man reportedly is facing a second-degree assault charge, and might be deported. Tenants of a home he rented out reported April 21 that he threatened them with a gun. The man said the couple did not pay rent, had their power shut off and no water. The tenants said he told them to move out immediately, saying “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” and pointed a gun at them. The man denied he had a gun, saying he was actually holding a beer can. A search warrant on the man’s car produced no gun. Unfortunately, the man had been deported previously, and because of this, immigration services said it would likely deport him again.

— A woman’s car was reported stolen from her son’s driveway April 25 at 6:14 a.m. It was a 2004 Ford Rangeer pickup. The $5,000 vehicle was — you guessed it — unlocked, and the keys were in it. The Robbinsdale Police Department later found the vehicle.

South St. Paul

— Someone got away with copper that’s worth way more than a pretty penny. A business owner reported 7:20 a.m. May 5 that sometime over the preceding weekend $2,500 of copper cables was stolen from the business’s back lot.  
— A local man may need some extra help hunting down his stolen car. His four-door wagon was stolen recently. Inside the car was more than $1,000-worth of hunting gear, including knives and a finder.
— A man parked his car at a local bar overnight, and came back early May 4 to find his car was stolen. The bar said it would review surveillance video to help with leads.
—A South St. Paul man reported a theft May 1. His garage was broken into, and his $1,000 moped, three $300 weed trimmers and four $500 leafblowers were stolen.

— Firefighters were summoned to a garage fire in an alley just after midnight May 7. Officers arrived first, and saw flames coming out of the service-door opening. The vehicle parked inside belonged to a Golden Valley man; it was a total loss. Firefighters located items of interest that led them to believe the fire was intentionally set. There was a rolled-up rug leaning against a refrigerator that was suspected as the ignition point of the fire. A lighter found was possibly used to light the fire. There was a broken window to the residence from the back porch. More officers arrived to search the residence; there were no residents in the home, which was “in shambles with items strewn about.” A burned pillow was lying on the floor. Police weren’t able to find contact information for the car’s owner; there are no suspects.

Domestic dispute
— When lack of wedding etiquette turns into a lack of property: A woman reported the morning of May 2 that her (now-ex?)significant other had made off with her car. They had been fighting over the fact that the man didn’t go to her sister’s wedding. Earlier, an officer had been called out to help the man get some of his belongings from inside, after all his property had been thrown out of a third-story window, and strewn about the parking lot. Shortly after, the woman said the man came back, took the keys to her car, and left. She said his license has been revoked. An officer later pulled him over and took the car.

West St. Paul

Animal call
— Last week, a girl found a dog tied to a tree with a “free” sign around its neck, took the offer at face value and brought it home. A parent called police to have the dog picked up. The dog had no collar or tags, but it had a sweater on. It was transported to South St. Paul Animal Hospital.

Miscellaneous call
— I’m sorry; I’m actually not all-powerful. A man called police dispatch May 1 close to 2 a.m., saying Xcel Energy turned off his electricity because he didn’t pay his bill. The man, who has special medical equipment, was reportedly very angry, and swearing at the dispatcher. He was “extremely irate, irrational and rude.” He told the dispatcher numerous times “to do inappropriate things to body parts he had” because the dispatcher was unable to call Xcel Energy and make them turn the power on; he used the “f-word” and told the disp atcher he would be calling to complain about he or she not using his/her “powers of everything” in order to solve his problem. The caller then hung up.

Public assistance
— I need car-seat help stat! A man came to the police department lobby early May 1, saying it was very urgent that an officer help him put in a carseat, because he had to drive around his girlfriend’s 1-year-old that day. An officer obliged his request, helped him properly install it, and then showed him how to check to make sure it’s put in correctly.

— A man threatened to kill a woman, and then drove off the night of May 1 from a bar. There were no weapons involved, and the man had possibly been on drugs. They argued; the man grabbed the woman’s arm, threatened to kill her and himself, and then drove off in her car. The male was charged with terroristic threats.

Suspicious persons
— A park is no place for this kind of recreation. A woman reported at 7:22 p.m. May 2 that two people appeared to be having intercourse under a blanket by the warming house at Kennedy Park. When police arrived, the female was on top of the male; both were clothed, but a little disheveled. The female had a bra in her jacket pocket, and the male’s belt was undone. They were told to move along.

— A house southwest of Marie Avenue was ransacked May 2. A woman returned to her home around 11 a.m., after being out for a few hours. She saw her iPad and laptop were missing, but she didn’t stay in the house long enough to look around much; she waited in her car in the driveway for police to respond. She didn’t know how the suspect(s) got in.
— A burglary that happened sometime overnight was reported early May 3 at the Robert Street Dairy Queen, where all three registers were taken and windows were broken. The employee reporting the crime was advised to wait outside until officers got there.

— A man walked into Express Cellular May 3, asked the woman working there if anyone else was there, and then stole all of the iPhones. He told her he didn’t want to hurt her or fight her, and he didn’t brandish or threaten that he had any weapons. She pressed the holdup alarm when he was there.

— A port-o-potty was reported on fire at Emerson Park. The portapotty was a total loss. Officers spoke with several people in the area; no one saw anything. City staff was notified.


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