Celebrating West St. Paul

The carnival area drew crowds during West St. Paul Days on May 17. (photos by Linda E. Andersen/Review)

Kids rocked out with the Teddy Bear Band at Moreland Elementary on May 17 during the West St. Paul Days celebration.

West St. Paul’s candidates for the Royal Ambassador program made their way through the parade route. The parade traveled a different route than the usual Robert Street one, but, none the less, families and folks enjoyed the event that included lots of candy, the mayor and West St. Paul City Council members and the Sibley High School marching band.

It’s history: City marks 125 years

West St. Paul celebrated its 125th anniversary with a celebration at City Hall on May 14, and a birthday party on May 17 at the Dodge Nature Center. It was all in conjunction with West St. Paul Days, an annual event that had some extra flair this year, centered around the city’s intriguing history.

In honor of West St. Paul’s big 1-2-5, here’s a look back at its beginnings:

The City of West St. Paul held its first official city council meeting in 1889. Since then, and even before that day, it has gone through its fair share of name changes, construction updates and population alterations.

Dating back even before the first meeting, particularly between 1819 and 1838, federal representatives were in the process of pushing Native Americans, namely of the Chippewa and Sioux tribes, out of the area that eventually became West St. Paul.

Similar acts were taking place all over the greater Midwest.

It was in 1887 that the city of South St. Paul was formed, mainly making up South St. Paul and West St. Paul’s grouped radius. The combined area sat directly below the capitol city of Minnesota: St. Paul.

A mass of disputes between the two areas resulted in a split in 1889, forming what is now the city of West St. Paul. It was segregated from what became the city of South St. Paul, with West St. Paul taking the area of land most directly south from the capitol.

From there, West St. Paul took off. In 1907, the city developed a charter, and a mayor was elected. Seven city council members were also elected in the process.

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