Inver Grove Heights: Bear, bear, everywhere

The Inver Grove Heights Police Department has continued to receive calls about a black bear, adding more “B” streets to the list of sightings.

Residents reported seeing the bear around:

• the 6200 block of Blain Avenue
• the 600 block of Bowman Avenue
• the 5800 block of Blackberry Bridge Path
• the 5900 block of Blackberry Trail
• the 6100 block of Bowman Avenue
• the 6200 block of Bowman Avenue
• the 5900 block of Burke Trail
• the 5800 block of Bradbury Court

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, bears live primarily in forests, although they sometimes wander into cities and towns, usually to find food. And when bears find a source of food, they tend to return regularly to that spot, the DNR says.

The DNR says bears usually keep to themselves, but people should always be cautious around bears since they may react unpredictably. It’s recommended that residents keep their distance and don’t feed the animal or leave food, garbage or bird feeders out, as they may attract the bear. If a bear is in a yard, the DNR says the resident shouldn’t panic, shoot it or approach it, but rather back away slowly, and go inside until it leaves.

Those with persistent bear problems, or who want more information on bears, may contact the local DNR Area widlife manager for assistance at: Vermillion River WMA Complex, 15325 Babcock Ave., Rosemount, 651-322-4643 (phone), or 651-423-4710 (fax).

— Kaitlyn Roby


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