Renter’s Credit: ‘Moving in the right direction’

State Rep. Rick Hansen
District 52A

After a decade of skyrocketing property taxes, the DFL-led Legislature took action last year, passing $133 million in direct property tax relief for homeowners and renters.

Thanks to this direct relief, property taxes are projected to go down statewide for the first time in over a decade.

While that is great progress, we wanted to build on that momentum during the 2014 Session. With a $1.2 billion surplus, we passed another $550 million in tax cuts for more than 2 million middle-class Minnesotans.

We passed $45 million in additional property tax relief, including legislation of which I was the chief author that resulted in a 6 percent increase in the Renter’s Credit for every single eligible renter.

My legislation was the only bill specifically targeted to renters authored this session.

This means that nearly 22,000 renters in Dakota County will see an increased Renter’s Credit. And after the direct relief passed over the last two years, the average Renter’s Credit in Dakota County will be $780. This makes a big difference for our seniors and other renters on fixed incomes.

We’re moving in the right direction, but we know there is more work to be done to bring down property taxes.

I look forward to continuing that work on behalf of the people of District 52A.


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