Roseville Review Area Deans' Lists - June 10, 2014

The following local students were recently named to their college or university’s dean’s list:

Luther College
• Sara Maronde of Falcon Heights
• Emily Streeper of Falcon Heights
• Bobby Ragoonanan of Lauderdale
• David Zalk of Maplewood (Roseville)
• Elizabeth Campbell of Roseville
• Susan Drache of Roseville
• Sarah Frehner of Roseville
• Eddie Freier of Roseville
• Amanda Van Nevel of Roseville
• Geneva Cole of St. Paul (Roseville)

Washington and Lee University
• Victoria Blackstone of Roseville

Concordia College
• Alexandra Loveland of Maplewood (Roseville Area HS)
• Andraya Abrego of Roseville

Ridgewater College
• Justin Anderson of Little Canada

St. Cloud State University
• Hanna Brodt of Roseville
• Sara Fox of Roseville

St. Mary’s University
• Leann Benson of Roseville
• Patrick Decker of Roseville
• Keara Hannan of Roseville
• Janie Maki of Roseville

University of North Dakota
• Robert Wilcox of Roseville

Bemidji State University
• Callie Dunbar of Little Canada
• Emily Barrett of Roseville
• Carolee Duffy of Roseville
• Jessica Ratke of Roseville

Clark University
• Amanda Murphy of Roseville

Clarkson University
• Jenna Boss of Little Canada

College of St. Scholastica
• Drew Holm of Little Canada
• Danielle Dickson of Roseville
• Gwendolyn Goodman of Roseville
• Molly Hite of Roseville
• Elizabeth Miller of Roseville
• Luc Schlosser of Roseville
• Kayla Skundberg of Roseville

Concordia University
• Samantha Danielson of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Martha Fritz of Roseville
• Kathleen Martin of Roseville
• Jeanne Moua of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Brittany Nguyen of Roseville,
• Elissa Pheneger of Roseville
• Catherine Ries of St. Paul (Roseville)

Creighton University
• Mary McGroarty of Roseville
• Timothy Carnicom of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Natalie Ives of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Rachel Kenney of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Mark Larson of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Olivia Moss of St. Paul (Roseville)
• Laura Renner of St. Paul (Roseville)

Gustavus Adolphus College
• Lars Ericson of Falcon Heights
• Andrew Paul of Little Canada
• Matthew Carlson of Roseville
• Thomas Moran of Roseville
• Mikaela Warner of Roseville
• Lara Youngquist of Roseville

Iowa State University
• Jacob Hall of Little Canada
• Niklas Jorve of Roseville
• Brenda Klutzke of Roseville

Macalester College
• Emily Ewan of Falcon Heights
• Joseph Dykema of Roseville
• Emma Stout of Roseville

McDaniel College
• Nicholas Kouhi of Lauderdale

Michigan Technological University
• Lynn Duijndam of Falcon Heights

Midland University
• Sarah Hill of Roseville

Milwaukee School of Engineering
• Melody Konchal of Roseville

Mount Mary College
• Leah Gross of Falcon Heights

Normandale Community College
• Ryan Mader of Falcon Heights
• Deidre Rice-Pardo of Little Canada
• Sara Riley of Little Canada
• Emily Ackman of Roseville
• Ahmisa Cuadros of Roseville
• Katherine Greig of Roseville
• Peter Haugen of Roseville
• Kendra Yankey of Roseville
• Aeillyne Yburan of Roseville

North Dakota State University
• Richard Schrom of Little Canada
• Janae Burich  of Roseville,
• Brad Cantwell of Roseville
• Patrick Finnegan of Roseville
• Nathan Piercy of Roseville

Rochester Institute of Technology
• Christopher Brands of St. Paul (55117)
• Rachel Docken of Roseville
• Nicholas Gawreluk of St. Paul (55117)
• Adrienne Sherman of Roseville

St. Olaf College
• Zachary Westermeyer of Falcon Heights
• John Seabloom-Dunne of Roseville

University of Minnesota-Duluth
• Jack A Savage of Falcon Heights
• Sarah E Fox of Little Canada
• Justin T Adams of Roseville
• Ryan P Bailey of Roseville
• Sarah A Heil of Roseville
• Jason T Holt of Roseville
• Ellen M Ibister of Roseville
• Makito Kano of Roseville
• Jack G Ladwig of Roseville
• Patrick Nickelson of Roseville
• Erin K Ohland of Roseville
• Laurel J Wiehe of Roseville

University of Minnesota-Morris
• David Donatucci of Roseville
• Molly Donovan of Roseville
• Caitlin Hinschberger of Roseville
• Taylor Livingston of Roseville
• Kelly Norris of Roseville

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
• Madeline Gray of Falcon Heights
• Catherine Kuettel of Falcon Heights
• Kevin Brooks of Roseville
• Alisa Farmer of Roseville
• Andrew Hynan of Roseville

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
• Olivia Allen of Roseville
• Kyle Marmesh of Roseville
• Anthony Mottaz of Roseville
• Kate Norgon of Roseville

University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Maclean Brasch of Roseville
• Brett Burckhardt of Roseville
• Alex Charland of Roseville
• Alissa Ladas of Roseville
• Nicholas Ladas of Roseville
• Todd Olson of Roseville
• Alexander Sherman of Roseville
• Prakrithi Srinand of Roseville
• Glynis Walster of Roseville

University of Wisconsin-River Falls
• Sarah Beasy of Little Canada
• Thomas DeBace of Little Canada
• Michaela McCoy of Little Canada
• Anna Feyereisen of Roseville

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
• David Beckermann of Roseville


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