DNR Q & A: Is there commercial fishing in Minnesota?

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources field staff, resource managers and the DNR Information Center staff answer many questions every day about natural resources topics. Here is one of them:

Q.   Is there commercial fishing in Minnesota?

A.   Commercial fishing in Minnesota for walleye and other game fish was eliminated in 1983. Today, commercial harvest is mostly limited to rough fish such as common carp, buffalo and freshwater drum. These fish are harvested primarily using large seine nets up to 3,000 feet long and 20 feet deep.
On Lake Superior, the DNR issues a maximum of 25 commercial licenses each year. The main harvest on Superior is ciscoes, also called lake herring, with some permitted harvest of whitefish and lake trout. Commercial fishing on Lake Superior is primarily done with gillnets.
On average, Minnesota’s commercial harvest each year is about 4.5 million pounds of fish, valued at close to $1 million.

— Neil Vanderbosch, fisheries program consultant

For more information, call the DNR information line at 296-6157 or go to the DNR Web site at www.dnr.state.mn.us.


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