East Sider charged after dumping dead puppies

Anna Robole faces animal cruelty charges

Anna Robole, 47, is charged with animal cruelty after two dead puppies were found in a dumpster at Scenic Hills Animal Hospital, 1939 Burns Ave., according to a complaint from the Ramsey County attorney’s office.

The German shepherd/husky puppies were found around 10:15 a.m. May 7.

Robole was formally charged on Wednesday, July 2.

According to the complaint:

Other tenants reported Robole had been abusing her two puppies at her apartment down the street from the clinic.

One neighbor complained of seeing Robole lift one of the puppies by the collar, choking it. The tenant also told St. Paul police that one of the dogs was limping, possibly from being targeted by Robole.

Two tenants told police they’d seen tape around the puppies’ mouths, which Robole told them was to keep pets from chewing and wrecking the carpet.

She is accused of dumping the still-alive puppies in the vet clinic’s dumpster. A necropsy report on one of the dogs showed it had four healed rib fractures and malnourishment.

Robole denied mistreating the animals, but did admit that she had financial problems, and could no longer care for the dogs.

She had been keeping the dogs in her apartment against the terms of her apartment lease.

Robole reportedly told police she voluntarily came forward after news of her mistreatment of the dogs surfaced on Facebook.

-- Patrick Larkin


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