Parking relief on the way for Ward 6 and Bymore

Hoping to relieve tight parking near the popular Ward 6 restaurant and Bymore market, the St. Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority is exploring creating some temporary parking spaces on the vacant lot between Kendall’s Ace Hardware and Ward 6.

The blank lot has been owned by the HRA since 2007, and though a sign sits on the stark property advertising that it’s for sale, no developers have been biting yet.

The HRA applied for an interim use permit for 15 temporary parking spaces after noticing customers were already utilizing the vacant lot.

“We had a lot of people parking on that property,” said Dan Bayers from the St. Paul Planning and Economic Development Department. They were parking on a bare dirt lot, and the city was concerned with liability issues.

So, Ward 6 will put in a gravel lot for 15 spots in the short term.

It would be “just temporary parking to ease the parking congestion in that area until the site is actually developed,” Bayers said.

The Payne Phalen District Council voiced approval of the temporary parking solution, saying “the (District 5 board of directors) is strongly in favor of an expedited process to allow for parking for successful businesses on Payne Avenue.”

As for the undeveloped lot, Bayers said city staff get a lot of calls about the property, but “there’s not an application submitted at all at this point” for redevelopment of the parcel.

In order to be developed, the lot has to meet a certain threshhold, and can’t simply be turned into a parking lot.

-- Patrick Larkin


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