Ramsey County Review Deans List Aug. 6, 2014

The following area students made the Dean's List at their College or University published in the Aug. 6 edition of the Maplewood - Ramsey County Review:

Berklee College of Music  
• Krystin Lillie from North St. Paul

Bethel University
• Sara Ellingsworth of Maplewood
• Dana Jaehnert of Maplewood
• Baolue Vang of Maplewood
• Jessica Yang of Maplewood
• Joseph Drechsel of North St. Paul

College of Saint Benedict
• Mary Gilbertson of Maplewood

Concordia College
• Teresa Vanderzanden of Maplewood
• Madeline Huss of North St. Paul

Dunwoody College
• Daniel Dean of Maplewood
• Dennis Schnellman of North St. Paul

Gustavus Adolphus College
• Natasha Bowers of Maplewood
• Samuel Johnson of Maplewood
• Emily Papagapitos of Maplewood
• Sandy Xiong of Maplewood

Iowa State University
• Divya Mekala of Maplewood
• Brandon Mickelsen of Maplewood
• Robyn Montz of Maplewood
• Emily Morley of Maplewood
• Maria Orme of Maplewood
• Travis  Pearl of Maplewood
• Samuel Podobinski of Maplewood
• Joseph Cicchese of North St. Paul
• Andrew Heintz of North St. Paul
• Peter Toy of North St. Paul

Luther College
• Ann Okoneski of Maplewood
• Meghan Kaufenberg of North St. Paul

Michigan Technological University
• Lillian Manns of Maplewood
• Rachel Mason of Maplewood
• Matthew Nelson of Maplewood

Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical
• Abraham Wolfe of Maplewood
• Heith Robinson of North St Paul

Morningside College
• Karen Hatlestad of Maplewood

Normandale Community College
• Nicole Banick of Maplewood,
• Kara Cleveland of Maplewood,
• Wynston Yang of Maplewood,

North Dakota State University
• Gabrielle Arnquist of Maplewood
• Tabitha Bayers of Maplewood
• Alyssa Chevalier of Maplewood
• Alyssa Fischbach of Maplewood
• Monica Flackey of Maplewood
• Rebecca O’Brien of Maplewood
• Tyler Ringstad of Maplewood
• Jessica Furlong of North St. Paul
• Jessica Krings of North St. Paul

Saint Michael’s College
• Samuel Hammond of St. Paul (North St. Paul)

St. Olaf College
• Andrew Ayetey of Maplewood
• Geoffrey Bentsen of North St. Paul
• Kimberly Moren of North St. Paul

The following area students made the Dean's List at their College or University to be published in a future edition of the Maplewood - Ramsey County Review:

University of Minnesota-Duluth
• Phillip Burza of Maplewood
• Amanda Lecy of Maplewood
• Kelsey Malsom of Maplewood
• Jillian Manders of Maplewood
• Claire Patnaude of Maplewood
• Kate L Strassman, of Maplewood
• Brianna Vander Heyden of Maplewood
• Cassandra Zeug of Maplewood
• Allison Bristow of North St Paul
• Megan Flaherty of North St Paul
• Ashley Perry of North St Paul
• Erin Welch of North St Paul

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
• Racheal Cowan of Maplewood
• Shannon Doherty of Maplewood
• Alexis Jones of Maplewood
• Sarah Jorgenson of Maplewood
• Nicole Loeffler of Maplewood
• Emma Thiets of Maplewood
• Emily Turi of North St. Paul

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
• Nicole Kathman of Maplewood
• Erin Miller of Maplewood
• Marissa Mittet of Maplewood
• Anthony Piechowski of Maplewood
• Alexa Stilp of North St. Paul

University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Elissa Ewaldt of Maplewood
• Nathan Fierst of Maplewood  
• Taylor Lecy of Maplewood
• Brent Pearl of Maplewood
• Derek Stecker of Maplewood
• Megan Gray of North St. Paul
• Foster Moren of North St. Paul

University of Wisconsin-River Falls
• Tiffany Jurgens of Maplewood
• Stephen Aiken of North St. Paul
• Laura Etter of North St. Paul
• Aaron Janz of North St Paul
• Elizabeth Stolte of North St. Paul

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
• Luke Bradt of Maplewood
• Julia Colling of Maplewood
• Emily Lawrence of Maplewood
• Benjamin Schuyler of Maplewood

Upper Iowa University
• Daniel Rasmussen of North St. Paul

University of St. Thomas
• Samuel Adams of Maplewood
• Thomas Asp of Maplewood
• Andrea Brown of Maplewood
• Helen Carson of Maplewood
• Sean Crotty of Maplewood
• Olamide Fadahunsi of Maplewood
• Ciara Falzone of Maplewood
• Anthony Grundtner of Maplewood
• Benjamin Podobinski of Maplewood
• Jonathan Prendergast of Maplewood
• Eric Schreier of Maplewood
• Rocco Scundi of Maplewood
• Emilee Sirek of Maplewood
• Tania Truong of Maplewood
• Teresa Wolfgram of Maplewood

Minnesota State University — Mankato
• Laura Mason of Maplewood
• Sarah Nicosia of Maplewood
• Joseph Romuld of Maplewood
• Christopher Skelly of Maplewood
• Scott Spangenberg of Maplewood
• Matthew Felling of North St. Paul
• Samantha Leingang of North St. Paul

Mount Mercy University
• Naomi Fisher of Maplewood

University of Wisconsin-Superior
• Jolene Lopez of Maplewood

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
• Sarah Londo of Maplewood


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