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Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

On Saturday, Aug. 2, we started the second warmest month of the year on average. The warmest and third warmest are behind us. Weather conditions have an affect on our activities and behavior. Sunshine and rain certainly have a significant affect on baseball players. Farmers and lawn service workers are in a different situation than office or factory workers.

We can be thankful that our happiness and joy need not be dependent on the weather. Many children grow up in homes that are little different than the weather. Some have loving and supportive parents and grandparents. Others experience quite the opposite. As a parent, teacher and coach, I have seen it. As a trained and practicing chaplain the picture is even more vivid.

One man in one of my jail classes gave an interesting story. He told us that his parents were loving, kind and supportive. He said that he just wanted to run with a bad and evil bunch of guys. We also meet some who have grown up in abusive and negative homes who have really changed. We never want to give up on them.

A few of my past inmates come to mind. One who came back to jail a few times now pastors an excellent evangelical church in one of our suburbs. Another one is a missionary in South America.

The women and men that some of you work with may have served time in jail or prison. Encouragement can really help.

No matter how good or bad our past may be, we can all move forward with a more positive and caring attitude. Even more important for some of us as parents, teachers or employment personnel is what we can do to help others. Sometimes we feel a little extra good or bad about something we have said or done. A little apology will never hurt. It may help.

Well, have a good two weeks and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs and green grass. And of course eat well and get some exercise.

For the 2014 club, Aug. 24 takes us to Psalms 123 and I Corinthians 6.


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