Boomers & Beyond


Spring cleaning? Take time to inventory

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to not only clear the decks but to take inventory of the valuables you’re keeping. Allstate says a home inventory is one of the most important things consumers can do to get organized and protect their possessions.
In the blink of an eye, your home and all of your belongings could disappear. Do you know what you have? Could you list and describe your possessions in case of theft or natural disaster so they could be replaced?
Many insurance companies have online programs — Allstate has Digital Locker — that can help you check off each of these recommended steps in the home inventory process:


Set up a secure retirement

Approximately 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day until around 2030. If you’re part of that group, or if you’re planning ahead for a comfortable retirement, the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants offers this advice for securing your financial future.


Get back on the road — carefully

Car repair and maintenance can put a strain on both a senior’s budget and back. With some smart and simple preventive care, you can reduce automotive troubles down the line. (StatePoint)

The snow is finally melting and it may be time to shake off the cabin fever with a road trip — maybe to a shopping or entertainment destination or maybe to check on the cabin.
But first, take time to make some preparations to ensure you make your destination safely.


Minnesota’s residency laws throw ‘snowbirds’ for a loop

What do going to church or participating in sailing races have in common? They can affect your ‘snowbird’ tax status. (submitted photo)

Determining residency for tax purposes often proves challenging for Minnesota’s population of “snowbirds” -- retired individuals who head south each winter.
Last year, Gov. Mark Dayton made a well-publicized attempt to enact a “snowbird tax,” expanding the number of people required to pay Minnesota income taxes.


‘Buzzard Ball’ puts seniors onstage

Vultures and Vulturettes Brian Joyce, Christine Dornbusch, Michael Oslund (back), Eric Wood, Annie Zimbel, Janet Mondloh, Stu Naber (center), Jerry Hoffman, Judy Hoffman, Mikel Clifford, Shannon Kennedy (front), Helen Donnay (sitting). (submitted photos)

Vultures Brian Joyce and Michael Oslund (top), Eric Wood and Stu Naber (middle), Jerry Hoffman and Shannon Kennedy (bottom).

The senior softball team “The Vultures” are determined to end their three-season losing streak.

Local talent fuels ensemble comedy
There seems to be plenty of stage space for young thespians, from classroom skits to high-school plays and summer camps and programs.
What you don’t often find is a showcase for older actors -- the ones who have enough life experience to portray any character they’re playing to a “T” and are confident enough to push the portrayals to their comedic utmost.


Caregiver support group meets at Fairview Community Center

The Roseville Area Senior Program (RASP) sponsors a caregiver support group for anyone caring for an older adult.


Tips for talking with aging parents about their future

Concerned about an aging loved one? Open up the lines of communication and don't sweep difficult conversations under the rug. (Submitted photo)

Sometimes the most important family conversations can be the most uncomfortable to initiate, especially those concerning the health and well-being of an aging loved one. But such discussions shouldn’t wait, experts sat.
“Ignoring the inevitable will only leave you unprepared for the future,” says Virginia Morris, eldercare expert and author of the new book, “How to Care for Aging Parents.” “Remember, talking about the worst-case scenarios won’t make them come true, and refusing to talk about them won’t make them go away.”


March is National Nutrition Month: Eat right and enjoy it

If eating right is a challenge, it may be because you are trying things you simply don’t like. The key is finding options that satisfy your taste buds, experts say.
“Taste is a major influential factor driving what you eat and feed your family, so it’s important to strike a balance between foods you like and those that provide the nutrients you need,” says Glenna McCollum, registered dietitian nutritionist and president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Taste and nutrition are not mutually exclusive.”


Yes, you can make hearty meals without meat

This quiche not only satisfies the gang at supper, it includes several varieties of mushrooms. (StatePoint Media)

Want to add interesting taste, texture and depth to your cooking? Think mushrooms. Most varieties are available year-round.


Roseville Community Education expanding senior fitness plans

Older adults in the Roseville area now have more choices when it comes to staying fit and healthy.
Starting Jan. 1, Roseville Community Education will be partnering with two health plan fitness programs: SilverSneakers and Silver&Fit.