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9 Steps to Harden Off Seedlings

Whether you've got seedlings you've nurtured yourself, or ones that you've bought from the local nursery, those plants need a helping hand in order to grow well outdoors.


In the market for a mower?

Zero-turn mowers have the ability to turn in a very tight radius, unlike lawn tractors which need to make wider turns. (Submitted photo)

The A to Z of zero-turn mowers


Home design: the value of the ideal exterior color

When choosing exterior colors for your home, consider the neighborhood as a whole. Think about the next-door neighbor and the homes down the street. (Submitted photo)

When it comes to designing a home - whether it’s new construction or a renovation - choosing beautiful exterior colors and complementary accent hues is critical to creating an appealing household.
“To select the right colors for your home, view siding colors as an exterior project tool that both turns a home into a showpiece and increases its value,” says Leslie Harrington, executive director of The Color Association of the United States.


Toy Story

Barbie and friends, and their vintage Dreamhouse, adorn the 1960s living room. (photo by Linda Baumeister/Review)

Building blocks and Cootie are on display in the Minnesota History Center's newest exhibit -- Toys of the '50s, '60s and '70s. And who could forget the wisdom of Mister (Fred) Rogers in looking back on toys and play of the past?

The national traveling Toys of the '50's, 60s and '70s exhibition takes a trip down memory lane with a collection of 4,700 toys and dolls, including Tonka trucks.

The toy exhibit at the Minnesota History Center covers three decades and captures the sheer joy of imaginative play.

Jessica Kohen and Ian Lilligren look over a corner of the unfolding exhibit, which includes three living rooms and one garage setting. Viewmaster, Flintstones, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, and board games are included, as well as televisions in the living rooms playing commercials from each era.

All kinds of wheels, from a banana-seat bike, Big Wheel tricycle and skateboard are displayed near the white picket fence and garage toys. A photo backdrop shows the creativity of what to do with the leftover appliance box.

Minnesota History Center offers a ‘trip down memory lane’
Play Doh. Hot Wheels. And Barbie. Sound familiar? Those toys and a whole lot more are featured in a fascinating interactive exhibit called “Toys of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s” that may take you back to your carefree days as a child; back when you needed a break from the day-to-day worries about bullies, the opposite sex and overdue homework.


Whip up some tasty ways to 'Eat & Explore'

Dakota Day Wild Rice Salad is easy to make and very tasty. Cubed cooked chicken could be added to make it a main-course salad. (Yul Yost/Photo contributor)

Christy Campbell, author of “Eat & Explore Minnesota” (Submitted photo)

Book offers a smorgasbord of tastes, places and events
“Eat & Explore Minnesota”: is it a book on recipes? a book on travel? or a book on geography and history? After paging through its 272 pages, I decided it is all of the above and maybe even more.


‘A dying art’?

Jim Kueppers, 69, holds up a photo of a bunch of young woodcarvers, and the man who introduced him to woodcarving. (Kaitlyn Roby/Review)

Jim Kueppers works on a chipmunk during a woodcarvers group that meets Tuesdays at the South St. Paul Senior Center. (Kaitlyn Roby/Review)

Kathy Beatty, 70, chats with Larry Krech, 88, while working on a toy soldier ornament during a woodcarving group that meets Tuesdays at the South St. Paul Senior Center. (Kaitlyn Roby/Review)

Carvers bring wood to life in South St. Paul
With his gloved left hand, Jim Kueppers grips a rodent-shaped chunk of wood, pulling the knife in his right toward him to scrape off thin chips, chiseling out the shape he sees in it: a life-like chipmunk. The shavings cling to his jeans or flutter to the ground to be swept up later.


Gardening can offer physical and mental health benefits

submitted photo

It’s no wonder gardening is growing in popularity, as it offers a wealth of physical and mental health benefits.
Indeed, gardening is on the upswing, as more than 2 million households were added to the ranks of Americans partaking in the pursuit, versus the prior year, according to the recently released 2013 National Gardening Survey from the National Gardening Association.


Bathroom organization styles that work smarter - not harder

submitted photo

Hairdryers, toothbrushes, combs, hair brushes and tweezers. Shaving utensils, makeup, styling products and perfumes.
The collection of grooming and beauty tools cluttering the bathroom vanity can quickly overwhelm everything, creating difficulty in finding the tools you need and making the space unusable when you have guests.


Put the pro in home improvement with the right painting tools

To make sure your painting project goes as planned, be sure to take a little time selecting the best paint brushes and roller covers for the job. (Submitted photo)

When planning to paint a room, most people spend countless hours selecting a color.
Once that decision is made, they spend far less time selecting paint brushes and rollers.
Many DIYers don’t consider that choosing the right applicators is just as important as selecting the right paint color.


City of Roseville notes May as Older Americans Month with proclamation

Whereas: Roseville is home to many residents aged 60 years and older; and
Whereas: Older adults in Roseville are the roots from which our community has grown, who bestow gifts of wisdom and insight upon younger generations and strengthen the bonds between neighbors to create a better place to live; and