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Harvest Fest looks to go full scale

The parade draws marching bands from area schools such as Farnsworth Aerospace Elementary School. (Linda Baumeister/Review)

In 2011, the Payne Area Business Association’s musical lineup for the Mexican Independence Celebration drew many fans.

The parade will feature colorful costumes and floats.

Back in 1932, Harvest fest was a huge event along Payne Avenue, and featured banners adorning the commercial strip. (submitted photo)

Last year’s festival was sort of an on-foot trial run with a more modest walking parade, This year, Harvest Fest reboots its full parade tradition, adding back floats, vehicle units, marching bands and more. (Linda Baumeister/Review)

The loudest and reddest entries in the parade: local fire departments’ vehicles. Onlookers always appreciate getting to thank the heroic crews who staff them. (Linda Baumeister/Review)

Full-on parade is back in business


Port Authority looks to install new office warehouse in Beacon Bluff development

Another lot at the St. Paul Port Authority’s Beacon Bluff site may see a new building pop up. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Slowly but surely, the St. Paul Port Authority’s Beacon Bluff sites are filling in.

In the latest, a 58,000 square-foot building could pop out of the ground along Phalen Boulevard by February 2015.


Firefighters raise funds to warm up Dayton's Bluff kids

All Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School students may be getting new coats this winter as part of a fundraising effort by the St. Paul Fire Department. (submitted photo)
If things go as planned, every single student at Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School will be getting a new coat this winter.

East Side Review police reports Aug. 21-27, 2014

Thursday, Aug. 21 - Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014 police reports for St. Paul Districts 1, 2, 4 & 5.


Ramsey County may partner with Hennepin on juvenile detention

Ramsey County has for years been considering what to do with the outdated juvenile detention facility Boys Totem Town. A recent county board vote could mean the county will team up with Hennepin County for juvenile detention programming and facilities. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Ramsey County’s Boys Totem Town, a juvenile detention facility in St. Paul’s Battle Creek neighborhood, was built in the 1930s, and today holds just a fraction of its intended capacity. There are typically less than 40 kids in a facility that once held well over 100.
According to the county, it’s an aged relic that needs to be replaced. And it’s the same scoop for the Hennepin County equivalent, the Hennepin County Home School.


New retail block at Arcade and Maryland near completion

A new five-unit commercial building is just about complete at the corner of Maryland Avenue and Arcade Street. (Patrick Larkin/Review)
Multi-unit shop seeking tenants  A new potential retail hub is popping up on the busy intersection of Maryland Avenue and Arcade Street. Built "on spec," the 5,240 square-foot, five-unit building should be finished by the end of the month.
"It's a great corner," said Alex Aqel, who represents the building owner. "The density and demographics are great."
He also cited the traffic counts as a motivating factor.

Rush Line Corridor to see renewed focus from Ramsey County

The Rush Line transit corridor is still in its infancy, but Ramsey County is bearing down and focusing on the corridor. A study concluding next summer will decide whether to put the transit line through the East Side up to White Bear Lake, or along I-35E up to Forest Lake. (submitted graphic)

East Side Review police reports Aug. 14-20, 2014

Thursday, Aug. 14 - Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 police reports for St. Paul Districts 1, 2, 4 & 5.


With Payne Ave. picking up steam, it begs the question: what about Arcade Street?

With Payne Avenue experiencing a bit of a renaissance in the past few years, Arcade Street seems to be taking a backseat -- the street, just a few blocks east of Payne, remains mostly unchanged. (Patrick Larkin/Review)
Payne Avenue has seen a lot of transformation over the past year. 

Local businesses get a boost with East Side Enterprise Center

The East Side Enterprise Center, a small business incubator located at the old Pabst building on Margaret Street, will offer a wide range of knowledge and resources to East Side businesses. The center will open in late September. (Submitted photo)
A business hub will open on the East Side this fall.