Two early childhood Montessori Schools team up for fall opening

Janice LaFloe, founder of a new American Indian Montessori school looking to start this fall on the East Side, stands with her assistant teacher Annette Whitener outside the school building at 1909 Ivy Ave. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Curriculum at the American Indian Montessori will include hands-on exercises to instill an ability to focus in youngsters. In one activity available to kids, they’ll polish wooden eagles. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

American Indian and Hmong pre-schools add early childcare options to neighborhood
Two small early childhood education Montessori schools focusing on language preservation will likely be coming to the East Side this fall.


St. Paul schools to have an iPad for every student



City Academy builds up

City Academy kids remove some old window trim from a serious fixer-upper owned by Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services. The school’s Youth Build program, which has been going strong since 1993, got a bump up in funding via federal grants. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Chia Yang, the Youth Build crew leader, was once a City Academy student himself -- he went through the Youth Build program and became a licensed contractor before coming back to work for the school, teaching kids how to do contracting work. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Added grant means more ‘hands-on’ for alternative high school students
It was not your typical last day of school -- on a hot and sunny Friday, May 30, four teenage boys wore safety glasses, masks, and threw debris out a second story window into a dumpster.


American Indian wigwam built at Harding High

Students at Harding High School and members of the American Indian tribe Ho-Chunk Nation got together to build a traditional “ciiporoke” wigwam in the school’s courtyard on Friday, May 16. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

On a mild Friday at Harding High, a group of American Indian men could be seen erecting a structure the size of a small garage, made of bent tree branches tied together to form a sturdy oval-shaped hut.
The structure will be used to tie in with Harding’s cultural studies classes, as part of St. Paul Public Schools’ American Indian Month. The hut can be seen out the window of the school’s cafeteria, in the courtyard.


Prank call locks down Parkway school for one hour

Parkway Montessori Middle School went into lockdown mode on Wednesday, May 14 following a suspected prank call to the St. Paul Police Department.


Dean's list - May 4, 2014 East Side Review

These East Side students made the Dean's List at their college or univeristy.  Congratulations to all!


Graduates - East Side Review published May 2014

East Side students make their schools’ Grad’s List


Wrestling club’s got lessons on and off the mat

Members of the East Side Wrestling Club sweat it out during practice on Monday, March 24. The free club keeps kids in shape and is lauded by the parents of participating kids. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

The East Side Wrestling Club’s youth group has kids from a wide range of ages, from age 7 to 15. (submitted photo)

For the coaches at the East Side Wrestling Club, wrestling is about more than getting in shape and winning matches.
Coach Mason Fong says it’s a sport that “can really kind of build character and work ethic.”


Job skills in the bank at Harding High

Bruce Thao, 16, a Harding High junior, tells his friends about the benefits of opening a savings account. Harding High School now has a credit union within its walls, located in the cafeteria. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Credit Union at school is only the fourth in the state
It’s not every day that you stroll into a high school and find a credit union.
In fact, in Minnesota, it’s pretty rare -- Harding High School is only the fourth high school in the state to have a credit union within its walls.


Strike averted for St. Paul teachers

After nine months of negotiations, a tentative contract agreement between St. Paul Public Schools administration and the St. Paul Federation of Teachers was reached on Monday, Feb. 24.
The St. Paul Federation of Teachers, the union representing public school teachers in the district, called the resulting document “a landmark contract that moves the St. Paul Public Schools closer to providing the schools our children deserve.”